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I am so overjoyed by my results from working with Carmen for the 3-month program. Little did I know that certain foods that I deemed healthy, were actually at the root cause of my skin issues, digestive issues, and energy issues. I had always felt inspired by her message, and when I considered working with her, I knew it was meant to be. Carmen made a lifestyle change that was quite drastic at first, seem very manageable and straightforward. She provided me with in-depth documents to educate, support, and inspire me with each session. By our last session, I was in tears when we went over all of my goals that we accomplished over our time working together. I had eliminated bloating, lost my mid-day energy crash, felt more inspired and focused, saw a huge amount of healing on my acne, and my digestive health was next level healthy.. to the point where I was raving about my bowel movements to my family and friends! Haha! I am beyond happy that I made this investment with her, and would recommend this experience to anyone looking to work with a professional who can deliver results and educate you to feel in control of your health and goals. She has made me realize that everything is achievable, it just takes time, love, and focus. Thank you Carmen for this incredible experience and for empowering me through my own experience to help others achieve their best vibrant healthy self possible! Thank you thank you thank you.

Rosie Laird, Vancouver, BC

Carmen's Optimal Energy Program was exactly what I needed. I knew something was wrong when I could not sleep well, could not get through the day without feeling exhausted, and continued gaining weight in spite of making what I felt were healthy choices. Two weeks in to the program I was half way to my weight loss goal and felt 1000% better with more energy than I had felt in years and improved mental clarity to get my work done without the brain fog I had felt for as long as I can remember. Fast forward two and a half months later and I am within one pound of my 25lb weight loss goal, and have never felt better or in more control over my health. This program has positively changed my life and has offered me a sustainable approach to nutrition and health that I will continue to benefit from indefinitely. If you want to feel better and have a sustainable way to continued positive health with the added bonus of weight loss where needed , Carmen is absolutely the person to go to and without a doubt her Optimal Energy program will help you achieve and sustain your health goals.

Tiffany McNeney, New Westminster, BC

When I hired Carmen, I was struggling with terrible stomach aches and could not figure out what was causing these pains. I had tried going to a doctor but nothing seemed to work. The first step in working with Carmen involved taking various tests to get at the heart of what foods were causing irritation and whether anything more serious was at play. After only a couple of weeks of adjusting my meals and armed with this new information, I noticed a complete difference. Now I no longer deal with stomach pains from eating, I understand how to maintain and monitor my energy levels during the day, and I also lost about 10 pounds. Life is good!

Karen McGregor, Vancouver, BC

I finished my three month program with Carmen Dunn [...] I have been MORE than thrilled with the results I created through her knowledge and protocols. [..] it did not take long for me to see a difference in my energy levels, brain fog clearing, lighter energy, deep sleep, cravings that would get me into trouble disappeared, weight started falling off...literally falling off! I lost 26 lbs in 3 months! And I had the energy to work out again as well which certainly helped! I can honestly say that I KNOW, without a doubt, that the food I eat affects my physiology, my mood, my happiness. Carmen was an excellent resource for alternatives to my previous diet and I tried almost all of her suggestions and surprisingly loved most of it. I feel that over the three months my taste buds have been altered. I am loving food that I normally would not have eaten. I cannot see myself returning to the old habits, so thank you Carmen for your support and encouragement and cheering me on. I feel totally capable to carry on after our last session.

Cory Fiset, Calgary, AB

When I hired Carmen, I was struggling with terrible stomach aches and could not figure out what was causing these pains. I had tried going to a doctor but nothing seemed to work. The first step in working with Carmen involved taking various tests to get at the heart of what foods were causing irritation and whether anything more serious was at play. After only a couple of weeks of adjusting my meals and armed with this new information, I noticed a complete difference. Now I no longer deal with stomach pains from eating, I understand how to maintain and monitor my energy levels during the day, and I also lost about 10 pounds. Life is good!

Jamie Munro, Vancouver, BC

Carmen I wanted to share how happy and grateful I am that I met you and made the decision to go through the program with you!! I knew it is going to be one of the best investments in my life-in my health and the most important - the education and awareness that will stay with me till the rest of my life! I feel sooo much better and happier and I sleep well now, I wake up rested, it does not take me hours to fall asleep now! I have more energy and have desire to work out and be active and do something in my life! Remember when I approached you I said I think I need your help, I am so young but I have no energy to live this life and I can hardly handle my one job!? Now I feel like I can dream and plan things. I have energy and a desire to act! My mind is not foggy anymore, I rest during the night, I look at things in a much more positive way! I am very thankful that you let me take my time in everything! It always took me longer to do tests or start taking new supplements and our program went beyond 3 months! I felt no pressure and this is very important for me! I am very thankful that you always stayed positive and very supportive as I was getting upset about my new dietary restrictions and I was getting frustrated about not being able to eat everything! You had new recipes ready for me and psychological support! Like "there is no growth in comfort zone". I could talk to you about my frustrations and you always had a positive answer for me! I liked the fact that I could talk to someone about my health issue and I knew that you know what is going on! For years I have been seeing doctors and they would never look at my body and a whole mechanism, they would treat my symptoms for years! You could always professionally explain what was going on and what I needed to add or take away from my diet to balance things out! When I started the program with you I was not very positive about it as I had to do hard work on myself and I did not really believe that food can help me feel much better! And every time you sent me positive emails after your sessions like: "Katya, this is great news, I am so happy you are doing better..." always cheered me up and gave me that sense of hope and trust in what I was doing!! I learned so much about my diet and myself, my lifestyle and how it directly impacts my body! I honestly think that this is one of the best things I have ever done for myself and I am very lucky to meet you in my life and be abler to go through this with you!! Many many many thanks from the bottom of my heart to you and I hope you will make lots of other women like me much happier and healthier and full of energy every day!!!!!😃😃😃

Katya Klymenko, Vancouver, BC

When I met with Carmen for an initial consult I had been suffering for 2.5 years. I had severe constant bloating and my stomach hurt badly every time I ate. I also had a lot of other symptoms as well like; zero energy, brain fog, joint pain, congestion, insomnia, and mood swings. What I loved about Carmen right away was she really listened to my story and then very confidently told me she could help me and guaranteed it. I felt that finally someone was listening and someone was in my corner. We worked together over 3 months and I can’t believe how much I have improved; my bloating is gone, my stomach feels like it is healing, I am having the best sleep EVER, brain fog gone, joint pain gone, mood swings gone and I have much more energy. My stomach still needs time to heal but I am so happy that I took that first step and contacted Carmen, Thank you Carmen!

Patricia Smith, Ottawa, ON

If you are looking for transformation with a consummate professional, Carmen Dunn is your personal coach. Poor sleep has been my companion for many years. At 70, menopause was no longer an excuse. Sluggish digestion? Joint pain? Worry? My beloved wine? I was blown away by the results of my food sensitivity testing. Used to eating anything and everything, what a surprise to discover these foods were actually the culprits in my digestive system. I did have my suspicions. With Carmen’s expert knowledge and explanations, I followed her protocols supported by innovative and new exciting ways to eat. She has great recipes! I no longer have a feeling of digestive discomfort when I go to bed and I am delighted to be sleeping without waking hourly. I can hike up hills and steps without knee or back pain. My swimming endurance has improved; no longer impeded by cramp. In the past three months I have shed weight (8 lbs) to the point of my old jeans dropping off me as I walk!!!! Seriously! My muscle tone is becoming defined and my shape is changing. Carmen leads by example, she walks the talk. Being in her presence you see beautiful, energetic vitality. Thanks to Carmen, I am feeling healthy, happy and vibrant in my pursuit of agelessness. She has given me the tools to my well being. In fact I think I can add sexy to the recipe as I tango without cramping feet! Carmen, you are my nutritional Goddess!

Bonnie Jang - Vancouver, BC

From my very first conversation with Carmen I knew I had found the right person to help me. Having suffered with anxiety, irritable bowel and other digestive disorders for many years, Carmen was the first person I have come across who understood what I was going through, and had the confidence to guarantee a solution. Three months later my life has turned 180 degrees - my symptoms have lessened dramatically, I am sleeping better than ever, and I have more energy every single day. I have no hesitation sharing my experience with others, and will definitely recommend Carmen to anyone who will listen.

Calum Crawford, Port Moody (BC)

I used to suffer with allergies, fatigue (used to have 2 large Americanos per day) and poops I didn’t want to talk about. Trying to be proactive, I used to take a lot of supplements but they weren’t really helping because I didn’t really know what I was doing. Through Carmen’s Optimal Energy program, she discovered the root causes of my health issues then specified a protocol to my specific needs, which made a huge difference. I now have more energy at work, less bloating, feel better in my jeans, my digestion is more ’solid’ (as she says) my colds and nasal infections have not returned, my acid reflux is gone, my dry eyes are gone and I’m able to be around my girlfriend’s cats which is huge for me, because i love animals. I’m impressed with how fast she helped me heal. Kablamo!

Stuart Lewin, Vancouver (BC)

I can't begin to explain the transformation I have experienced from working with Carmen in the last 3 months. When I first started, I was a run down, lethargic, adrenal fatigued 26-year-old. I was always tired, had no energy to socialize and enjoy life, and gained a ton of weight all over, especially around my hips. With Carmen's nutrition and lifestyle guidance, I've now regained energy, shed pounds and inches, and finally feel like 'me' again. My years of sinusitis has disappeared after avoiding foods I've discovered to be sensitive to from my Food Sensitivity Panel, I've regained shine and softness in my lacklustre hair. My period has started to go back into balance after over 10 years of imbalance. The list goes on.... I would highly recommend Carmen in helping ambitious, Type-A's find balance in health, career, and life. Thanks so much Carmen 🙂

Jollia Fung, Vancouver (BC)

When my path crossed with Carmen's, I was feeling hopeless. I had (almost mysteriously) gained weight I couldn't seem to lose, felt like I was in a state of near-constant anxiety, and didn't feel there was enough sleep in the world to rid me of the exhaustion that plagued me. Doctors told me there was medically nothing wrong with me, but I knew the symptoms I had weren't "nothing." Carmen was there to help - calmly and supportively helping to identify what was happening with me. By following her protocols, I have been healing my system and feel better than I have in over a year. Carmen is a leading practitioner in her field - highly skilled, intuitive, professional, and dedicated to your well-being.

Kristi Baron - Calgary (AB)

Before Carmen’s help, when at work, i was tired by noon and had a hard time getting through the afternoon. In the evenings after dinner i had no energy to do anything and would often dose off. I was also experiencing bloating, in particular at the end of my work day. I am active, work out regularly and eat a fairly healthy diet, so i thought perhaps this is just normal for my age and other factors such as menopause and being a working single mom. But it bothered me. I didn’t enjoy feeling this way, and my girlfriends at this stage and place in their life didn’t seem to have these same issues. With Carmen’s help, within 2 months, I was already feeling less bloated and had far more energy (at work and in evenings) and less fatigue. This has made a big difference in my day to day life! Thank you Carmen!

Kelly H., Port Moody, (BC)

Before Carmen's group coaching program, I knew I had to make a lot of changes to my diet and lifestyle, but I didn't really know what specific changes to make, or what would actually impact my life positively. I suffered from weight troubles, anxiety, stress and insomnia that would come and go. In 2012 I had my food sensitivities tested, but I was unwilling to give up some of the items (specifically gluten and dairy)which were harming my body. My energy was low, my iron was even lower, and sometimes it was just really hard to get out of bed. Fast forward a few weeks with Carmen, not only educating me on changes, but acting as my cheerleader when times got hard (and boy was it hard giving up cheese) and I'm already down 8 pounds! This program was more than just meal planning, it was learning how to tweak my diet and lifestyle so I could feel better. I now experience relief of symptoms I didn't even know were related to my diet, like sneezing my way through 20 tissues every morning. (I checked, I wasn't allergic to mornings.) The supplements Carmen chose have helped my digestion, reduced my bloating and I have almost no menstrual discomfort, which was something I just assumed was part of being a woman! I've been inspired to try new foods, and really think about what I put into my body. Which isn't to say I always make the best choices, but instead of being hard on myself like I used to, I just do my very best. My energy has gone way up, I don't have to rely on caffeine to get through the day, and my family and I really enjoying all of the new dishes I'm creating. This process is an emotional one, and I felt very supported by Carmen throughout all of it. I highly recommend working with her, in a group setting, or one on one, if you're ready to step into a healthier, happier YOU.

Seryna Myers, Vancouver (BC)

Working with Carmen changed my life, health and outlook on the future. I used to suffer from constant anxiety however by examining my diet we were able to stabilize my blood sugar and my anxiety symptoms decreased dramatically. Who knew they were so connected! Through our journey together I was able tweak aspects of my daily routine to reach optimal health. She has opened my eyes to the importance of health and the changes I made will be of service to me for the rest of my life. Thank you Carmen.

- Jessica, Banff (AB)

After 6 years of feeling bloated every day, having emotions all over the place, and getting incredible period pain, I bit the bullet and spoke to Carmen. She found out I have candida and food sensitivities. Since working with her, I’ve not been bloated, my mood has been stable, I had a period with no PMS or cramps and I can finally fall asleep!! Most of all, my body is finally changing after years of hard work at the gym. My body has never felt better, and I no longer crave sugar! I’m so grateful.

A. Heath, Vancouver (BC)

Thanks to Carmen, I have finally been able to get rid of my sugar cravings and feel much more efficient, calm and balanced. She is one of the most energetic, positive, and solid human beings I have ever had the pleasure of working with and she was always available for me. Her "can do" attitude, positive energy, and intricate knowledge of nutrition are contagious! I have full confidence in her abilities and would not hesitate to do any more consultations with her in the future.

- Christine LaFlamme, Montréal (QC)

I was struggling with hormonal imbalances and acne on my face and back. With coaching and advice from Carmen, my skin is now fantastic! In addition, my cramps have reduced dramatically, my PMS symptoms have stopped completely, my mood has improved, I have way more energy and I even lost weight! I highly recommend Ms. Dunn's expert advice. I couldn't have done it without her.

- Kelly Christie, RPN, Vancouver (BC)

After 1.5 months, I have noticed a HUGE change in my acne. You have literally been a lifesaver and I am fortunate to have found you over the internet. I have had no new chest acne breakouts for almost an entire month. My breakouts on the face have also decreased a lot. Thank you soooo much.

- S. Yee, Los Angeles (CA)

After years of constant intense joint pain, digestive & sleeping troubles, and having consulted with all the specialists possible, I decided to try the services of Carmen Dunn. She was professional, rigorous and designed a personalised plan that has changed my life for the better. I regained my health, my energy, my mood, my body and even lost some weight. Thank you!

- A. C., Montréal, (QC)

With the advice from Carmen, I was able to improve my breathing troubles and stop snoring in the space of a week. I’ve even forgotten that I used to have digestive problems before seeing her. I really appreciated her willingness to go beyond the call of duty and even make recommendations after our sessions had finished. Thank you Carmen.

- Suzanne Vaudrin, B.B.A., P.Eng., Vancouver (BC)

Before working with Carmen, I was struggling with brain fog and fatigue. I also had a rash on my foot that the dermatologist said "could be psoriasis”. The prescribed medicine wasn’t working. Shortly after implementing Carmen’s recommendations, my brain fog started to lift and I found my energy levels slowly increasing. After six weeks, the rash is a third smaller and hopefully will disappear over time. I am very thankful for Carmen’s help and I have already suggested her services to others.

- Sherry, B. Vancouver (BC)

Carmen has changed the way I look at eating. As a busy mom, I used to struggle just to get through my day; I had digestive problems, weight to loose and was always lethargic. Carmen informed me of the foods I should eat without making me feel bad about the foods I was eating. She made me feel like I had control of my choices and guided me through making the right changes at my own. Now I can keep up with my kids and I’m not getting sick as much as before. I have more energy, a better immune system, lost 20lbs and a repertoire of new foods that I love to eat!

Nichole McLeod, Surrey (BC)

For over a decade, I had been dealing with a deteriorating knee injury, which caused me to gain over 50lbs. With Carmen’s advice, I was able to shed 15lbs, 5-weeks prior surgery which greatly helped my recovery. She’s even got me juicing which I love!

J. Scott, Vancouver (BC)

I used to be a heavy coffee drinker, drinking 4-6 cups a day. And even with all the caffeine pumping in me I still felt a lack of energy throughout the day. Carmen recommended her green juice recipe for me and after one week of drinking 250ml a day I felt great! My energy levels went up, I was no longer tired right around the 2 pm mark and my running has improved. It has easily become my daily routine to a healthier lifestyle.

Tara Bailey, Edmonton (AB)