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is my coaching right for you?

My programs are not for everyone.  I offer high-end programs that are unique to the market because they are completely personalized to your body, your specific needs and your lifestyle through state-of-the-art lab testing. This allows us to scientifically find out what's going on, so we can get you results, fast.

They are ideal for serious women (and men) who are commited to getting results, and I will hold you accountable to get those results. If you are looking for a 'one-stop shop' health program that can serve all your needs and work within your busy work schedule, then you are in the right place. Your time is precious and my programs have been designed to conveniently fit into your schedule and take away stress.

private coaching

The advantage to private coaching is that we can start whenever you're ready, work within your tight schedule and fast-track your results. It is also ideal for someone dealing with peripheral health issues that can't be covered in group coaching. My private coaching spaces are limited per month, so please contact me for availability.

group coaching

Group coaching is a much more affordable way to reach health results. My groups contain no more than 4-6 clients per session. In order to create an environment of comfort, respect and privacy (as well as fun), all potential clients are vetted to make sure they're a fit to ensure the best experience for YOU! You'll probably also walk away with new friends.

partners coaching

It's so much easier to stay motivated and on track when your partner is doing it along side you. Partners coaching is less of an investment than two private programs so it's a win-win for everyone.


"After 6 years of feeling bloated every day, having emotions all over the place, and getting incredible period pain, I bit the bullet and spoke to Carmen. She found out I have candida and food sensitivities. Since working with her, I’ve not been bloated, my mood has been stable, I had a period with no PMS or cramps and I can finally fall asleep!! Most of all, my body is finally changing after years of hard work at the gym. My body has never felt better, and I no longer crave sugar! I’m so grateful."


A. Heath, Vancouver (BC)


health tests

The Optimal Energy Program

My specialty is helping success-driven women across North America overcome the physical effects of stress and burnout so they can have sustained energy throughout the day, feel better in their clothes, be more productive at work, make more money in their careers, be happier in life and feel sexier with men. 

Having personally suffered with a work-induced burnout in my previous career, I know exactly what it's like to deal with crippling exhaustion, sleep issues, weight-gain, anxiety, depression, acne and brain fog. I never got the support I needed from my doctors.  I was only offered drugs to mask the symptoms like anti-depressants, anti-anxiety or sleeping medications.

The Optimal Energy Program is an inspirational 3-month program that seeks to find the underlying causes to your health issues and correct them once and for all. My clients attest to experiencing 2 hours more energy per day, an average of 10-25 lbs of fat-loss, less anxiety and overall happiness. You can choose either Private Coaching, Partner or Group Coaching

Those interested are invited to apply for a complimentary Energy Makeover to see if my programs would be a fit for you. As a special gift, I'll even give you one tip to immediately tackle your most pressing health issue the very next day.

Get Healthy. Be happy. Feel Sexier!



“I was struggling with hormonal imbalances and acne on my face and on my back. With coaching and advice from Carmen, my skin is now fantastic! In addition, my cramps have reduced dramatically, my PMS symptoms have stopped completely, my mood has improved, I have way more energy and I even lost weight! I highly recommend Ms. Dunn's expert advice. I couldn't have done it without her."


Kelly Christie, RPN, Vancouver (BC)


local services


Energy Makeover

In order to maintain my high success rate with my clients, applications to my programs are required. It gives you an opportunity to get a feel for my style and make sure I'm the right nutritionist for you, as well as allow me to assess if my programs could tackle your specific issues. Afterall, one of my core values is respect so the last thing I want to so is waste your precious time or investment.

If you are excited to quite literally feel amazing in 90 days, are open to making changes and will commit to the process, then I would LOVE to offer you my Energy Makeover. We'll spend 30-mins together by phone, I'll do a brief assessment of your health issues and let you know if my programs would be a fit for you. It's absolutely FREE and there's no catch. As a special gift to you, I'll even give you one tip to immediately tackle your most pressing health issue the very next day.



“After 1.5 months, I have noticed a HUGE change in my acne. You have literally been a lifesaver and I am fortunate to have found you over the internet. I have had no new chest acne breakouts for almost an entire month. My breakouts on the face have also decreased a lot. Thank you soooo much.”


S. Yee, Los Angeles, (CA)

professional services

corporate presentations

Whether you're looking for a speaker for a corporate 'lunch & learn' or for an organization's lecture, I can assist you. I have three main keynote presentations that address the needs of keeping a workforce healthy and preventing common health issues. As for public lectures, personalized presentations can be developed.

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marketing for health professionals

A common complaint heard amongst health practitioners is that they graduated specialized is their field, but didn't know the first thing about launching a business or how to market themselves to get clients. Because of my strong background in marketing and social media, I offer business & marketing coaching to help you set up and market yourself.

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