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My philosophy

for holistic nutrition.


Prevention is better than cure


In my nutritional practice I use the same nutrition philosophy as naturopathic doctors: find the root cause of illness and correct it through diet, exercise and stress-management techniques – with the greatest emphasis on prevention. I work with the 80/20 rule, meaning 80% of the time you eat wonderfully and the other 20% you relax and eat that burger and fries at your favourite restaurant with your friends. It’s all about balance and no stress. I also believe in ‘crowding-out’, which means I won’t tell you to eliminate everything “bad” in your diet, instead helping you add in delicious, healthy alternatives and increase your recipe repertoire. Let’s face it, it’s a lot easier to give up unhealthy foods when you’re already cooking healthier versions and feeling better, don’t you agree?

I truly believe that most chronic degenerative disease, including cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc., stem from lack of proper nutrition – and it’s not everyone’s fault. There is too much misleading information amongst the very organizations we should be able to trust. And when we look further we see that the food industry has enormous influence with the very departments of our government that are supposed to protect us.  Profits on unhealthy foods are increased with misleading health-claims like “fat-free” and “low in calories”. I will help cut through all that confusion and make food very simple by taking you back to the basics of why we eat, how we should eat and what to eat. I’ll even design meal plans and shopping lists for you. When you learn my philosophy for food, there will be no need for calorie counting, because, seriously – who wants to do that? Food is meant to be enjoyed! 

I chose to study holistic nutrition over dietetics because I believe nutrition is more than just how many calories you eat, and health is more than just what you eat. True health means balance between your mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. I tell people all the time, you can eat the best organic food on the planet but if you are stressed from your job, your relationship, or life in general, you won’t be in good health. Thus, while working with me, we will work on rebalancing all aspects of your life so you can truly find optimum health.