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Food Sensitivity Recipes for 7-day food challenge

My goal with this page is to make your 7-Day Food challenge as seamless as possible. This said, I am always open to suggestions to help make your experience better.

Fish & Seafood:

Cook what you are accustomed to at home, otherwise hitting up a Japanese or sushi restaurant will allow you to knock a bunch of fish and seafood off the list. For anytihng left, you can make this seafood chowder.

Extra foods you can eat at restaurant:

Soba noodles (buckwheat), crab, clam, mackerel, salmon, tuna (yellowtail), red snapper, scallop, shrimp, oyster, avocado, cucumber, sweet potato/yam, rice, soba noodle (buckwheat), edamame (soy beans) or tofu (soy beans).


Legumes & Beans:

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