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my health journey. 

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Imagine more energy and clearer skin!


My acne started when I was 18 and doctors and dermatologists put me on every drug under the sun from tetracycline and Accutane to Diane 35 (birth control pill), all of which only suppressed my symptoms.  The birth control pill worked beautifully, but when I came off it 8 years later my acne returned to my face with a vengeance – and, for the first time, on my back. From here I went on a mission to cure it once and for all.  I didn’t want to chemically manage it, but rather fix the root problem naturally.  The solution was the combination of a nutritional protocol, liver work and the reduction of stress. I can now say that I am acne free and have beautiful, clear skin –  I even receive compliments, which is a true testament after a decade of suffering.

I dealt with depression in my twenties because I wasn’t living an authentic life. I enjoyed my career in marketing, but it wasn’t connected to my passion for natural health or healing people. Finding my new career in nutrition, combined with improvements in my own diet and selective use of quality nutritional supplements, have given me ultimate happiness. Even my seasonal affective disorder (SAD), has not bothered me in the slightest since I made these changes!

As a child, food intolerance tests confirmed I was allergic to almost every food under the sun, and as a result I had allergic shiners (red circles under my eyes), a stuffy nose and was constantly getting colds. I received painful weekly allergy shots, but to no avail. I couldn’t be near other people’s pets or walk by freshly cut grass without a reaction. I also dealt with itchy eyes, ears and throat in the spring. However, through correcting my diet and doing lots of liver work, it has literally been years since my last cold; my immune system is diamond strong; my food allergies are gone – and I haven’t had to take seasonal allergy medications since 2009.