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  • optimal energy 

    Whether you are crashing mid-day, slacking on your to-do list from 3-5pm or too tired to cook at night, this is for you! If you're tired of being called lazy by your spouse, feeling guilty for not playing with your kids or have no desire to date, you will love this program. My clients typically see an increase in energy in the first 2 weeks alone.

  • Optimal Sleep

    Whether you're lying awake worrying and can't fall asleep, or tired of waking up at 3am and can't get back to sleep, there is a reason and we'll get to the bottom of it. When improved, clients experience falling asleep effortlessy and waking up rested with energy, happiness and ready to start the day.

  • OPTIMAL weight-LOSS 

    My clients shed an average of 10-25lbs in 3 months without exercise, calorie counting, dieting or giving up wine or chocolate. If you've found eating 'healthy' and exercising aren't working, then this may be the missing link.

  • Optimal digestion

    If bloating, stomach pain and gas are ruining your days and loose stools and constipation are leaving you tired, grumpy and frustrated, we'll find out why. My clients experience significant improvement in just 2 weeks. 

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“ […] I can’t believe how much I have improved; my bloating is gone, my stomach feels like it is healing, I am having the best sleep EVER, brain fog gone, joint pain gone, mood swings gone and I have much more energy.  My stomach still needs time to heal but I am so happy that I took that first step and contacted Carmen.”

Patricia Smith, Ottawa, ON